Home for the Holla-YAY’s

On December 22nd, I flew out of PHX to come home for Christmas and my mom’s birthday. Coming home always feels so surreal, and by the time everything starts sinks in, I am usually driving back to the airport to go to Arizona. My family is everything to me! Seeing them is the best Christmas present – next to a new pair of boots or maybe just maybe, a new purse.

Although I truly have a loathing pain for winter chill, California’s cold season of the year has its golden hour. San Francisco is probably the warmest during the holiday season, and all of Marin has the clearest skies. On Christmas Eve, I headed towards the city with my boyfriend and surprised him with a picnic on Rodeo beach. This beach is a hidden little gem located in the Marin Headlands with breathtaking coastal trails that run by Fort Cronkhite. Fort Cronkhite is a former military post that served as a part of the coastal artillery defenses during WWII. If you walk one of the paths, you can see a 16-inch caliber gun that oversaw the end of the war. A lot of the time I do not realize that I’m soaking up the sun by historical buildings and or by a WWII Fort – interesting to think about..

If you know me, my little adventures always has to have some fashionable element in it – it’s simply who I am. The trend is usually captured through me freezing my butt off in a new outfit, the eye of a lens, or through some other uncomfortable form. But somehow, for this picnic, I managed to stay warm and appropriate. Ian was proud of me. I made a little boho-chic picnic by bringing a piece of old wood to use as a table, fairy and tea lights, and filled mason jars with sand to hold down the table. I also bought seasonal mini roses to add more detailing. We had rice crust pizza from Whole Foods, salami, aged gouda cheese, gluten-free rosemary crackers, and organic blackberries under the winter sun on the beach – it was a perfect day!








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