Defining Home

Something I have learned along the way, and mostly in college, is that home does not have to be a defined. Home can be a variety of places. It can be felt by the surroundings of others, a region you have never been to before, or simply reading your favorite book. For me, it is easily a tie among laughing with my best friends in the Arizona, getting a call from my parents after class, sitting around the table in Novato with my family and filling each other in on our lives, or visiting all of my favorite scenic views in California. I pickup the feeling that I’m at home when I get rushes of euphoria, or when something sparks recollection. If you think about it, we leave special memories and pieces of ourselves with others, and every we go. These exceptional moments can create a sense of home under variety of settings.

A place that never fails to make my mind silent and give me that special thrill is Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California. Mt. Tam is the highest peak in the Marin Hills with a panoramic view of  Stinson Beach, Bolinas Beach, the Marin Hills, San Francisco Bay, and East Bay. There are well over 50 miles of trail in Mt. Tam’s state park, but the best time and only time I usually go is during sunset. The day after Christmas, Ian and I decided to take a drive up to the park to watch the sun set in the ocean – the view was astonishing and made me feel at home.

If you’re visiting the Bay Area or Marin, consider Mt. Tam a total must-see. Its beauty outshines foggy days, and always has the most gorgeous views.



I encourage you to think outside the box. Of all the different places, things, and people you love, which ones do you have that special connection to that make you feel at home? Maybe visit Mt. Tam and make it a part of your home too.




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