The Queen’s Birthday

Two days after Christmas is my mom’s birthday! My mom is the most phenomenal person you will ever meet. She has a young-carefree soul, she’s brilliant, strong, and always unplanned. I like to say that she has influenced my bubbly, trendy, and frivolous side. I’ve never admired anyone more than my parents. She is one of those people who can walk down the street and make five new best friends and she’s definitely “the more the merrier” type of gal. I’ll never be able to pick or share a favorite memory with her because the ones that I hold onto are endless.

For her birthday, my dad, brother and I, had a small picnic and walked a little trail in Sonoma State’s Historical Park. It was FRIGID outside, and my brother, Tristan, loved it – he was literally jumping for joy in his favorite christmas sweater while we shivered our way down the path. The only reason why I could possibly love winter – is because the rainfall turns California’s landscapes into beautiful vibrant greens. We enjoyed our stroll down small meadows of Sonoma State’s Historical Park as well as the little neighborhoods in the area, and watched the sun go down.



We drove home and I had made reservations at a restaurant called FarmShop in Larkspur Landing. SO GOOD!! All the food there is seasonal, mostly organic, and local. Michael and his girlfriend had Spaghetti Alla Carbonara with broccolini and hen eggs; my dad had Maple Glazed Grilled Pork; mom had Dungeness Crab on Toast and County Line Harvest lettuces; Ian and I had the 38 North Duck Breast with brussels sprouts and red kuri squash. And we obviously ordered dessert! Dark Chocolate Cake, Glazed Apples & Gelato di Bufala for the win. I wish I took pictures of everything.

She is, and always will be my best friend. Thank you for everything you do mama, I love you endlessly – Happy Birthday!




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