Skippin’ through the Weekend & Procrastinatin’

New year, same me.

I procrastinate and I don’t even hesitate to admit it anymore. In many of my business courses we take personality tests to determine our worth ethic; more than half of the evaluations reveal that I work my best under pressure. To be honest guys, I made two cups of tea, fixed my hair, scrolled through my whole Insta feed, and skipped around my apartment doing who-knows-what before I could sit down and start writing. Now that it’s Sunday I’m forcing myself to get it together – I have so much reading I have to do today.

But I’m in Rome so I have an excuse right? My parents are probably rolling their eyes at this.

If I could sum up the weekend in words other than postponing my priorities, they would be saldi and grappa. Every time you stroll past a store here, SALDI signs are posted all over the window. Europe has crazy winter sales that can start as early as December and can end as late as March. In Italy, the period begins in January until the inventory is out in mid February. Ian and I decided to take advantage of it Friday. I bought a beautiful pair of black Italian leather boots that are the most comfortable things I’ve tried on for more than half off! In the U.S. you have to spend over 200 USD for nice boots, I got them for 40 Euros. We also got coats that will keep us balmy in Paris this upcoming weekend. The night ended with a group of us going to Louis the Child and Prince Fox. A day of saldi, going out, and idling my homework – well spent.

Saturday was designated for my responsibilities again but I decided to veer down another route and explore Rome.

My ultimate goal, in every country I visit, is to be able to explore hidden gems and step into the locals’ shoes. Saturday, I achieved my intentions when Ian and I were walking in the Trastevere – starving as always – and came across La Prosciuterria. The little Italian wine bar is a total hole in the wall, being so easy to pass, but seemingly known by all the Romans. I’m so happy we found it! It’s tiny and full of character, all organic high-crafted quality products and served on cute cutting boards. We spent 5 hours there, chatting over wine, mixed meat and cheese plates, and bruschetta. To end our meal we ordered grappa – a mixture of pomaces that is left over from the winemaking process. In Italy, people will have it as their ‘digestivo’ to aid in digestion after their dinner – it literally burned my insides I had Ian finish mine. But it was all for the experience.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


I had such a great weekend – full of new finds. I highly recommend enjoying a few days shopping the European sales and to find restaurants the locals will rave about.

Now I need to pull it together and cram all my reading in and get ready for Monday.

Happy Sunday!






One thought on “Skippin’ through the Weekend & Procrastinatin’

  1. FYI my sweet SuDalhia. I am not rolling my eyes! Very proud of you. I know you study hard, do your work and I expect good grades, shopping – the sales of course:) and good eating! All along being social, traveling and having the time of your life. Don’t ever forget that❤

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