Top of the Eiffel Tower

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Saturday morning we rolled out of bed to head to the Eiffel Tower. “Rolling out of bed” will forever be an exaggeration – my very patient boyfriend waited a good hour for me to get ready but we still managed to leave our Airbnb by 8 A.M.

We took a quick and freezing ten minute walk from our place to the site and were one of the first in ten people to get in line for tickets to the sommet. On our way there, we came across a popular pâtisserie shop and grabbed a sausage-cheese baguette and croissant. I’m highly gluten-intolerant and would never touch a piece of bread in the U.S. but I just had to here. It was the best decision ever and I don’t regret the pain a bit.


Arriving to the tower as early as possible is a little rough because you have to wait 2 hours for the actual ticket stations to open. However, it’s a better option than having to wait all day. We tried to dance the cold off and laughed at the fact that we picked the coldest weekend to visit Paris. People started buying pricey hot chocolate and fresh baked bread just to keep their hands warm. After finally purchasing our tickets, we jumped onto a lift that took us to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower; from there you hop onto another lift to get to the Sommet. The ride is a little nauseating and definitely frightening, it reminded me of the Tower of Terror in Disney Land x 10.

You can’t help but fall in deeper love with Paris once you get to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You’re literally on top of a global culture icon of love, you’re standing on a wrought iron tower that was supposed to be a temporary structure and ended up lasting for years. It was so amazing to share our excitement and experience with the small group who arrived with us. I live for views like this… going up there will be one of the most memorable moments of my life.

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The day didn’t get any warmer, so after convincing Ian to risk frostbite with me to go take pictures at the Trocadéro we went back to our apartment to defrost ourselves.

The next stop on our itinerary was to go to a trending brunch spot called HolyBelly. When we got there, the wait was 2 hours – and yes we decided to wait! – so we sat at a place close by to have an espresso and a little salad. Our waiter, and many other locals kept asking us if we were British which was so amusing to me. The whole time we hung-out here I couldn’t help myself from beaming at this family sitting across the room from us. They looked like they were celebrating some type of occasion – or they were just ballers – ordering extravagant bottles of rosé and eating an assortment of delicious french cuisine.

After half-dying of hunger we got our spot at HolyBelly, stuffed ourselves, and headed to the Metro to go to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in the Montmartre area where you can see all of Paris. It was sloppily snowing and so foggy that we could only see 3 miles out into the distance but the Roman Catholic Church itself was the best part. The Montmartre square is booming with locals and tourists. It is a place where artists gather to paint and sell their work. While artists flaunt their crafts, merchants are selling Nutella crepes out the windows of their restaurants, and tourists are running aimlessly in and out of bakeries trying to decide which pastry to taste next. The atmosphere was so exhilarating, I wanted to stay there forever.

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By 6 P.M. the temperature had significantly dropped – again. So we bought a cheap bottle of chardonnay and rushed to try escargot in a cozy restaurant. Unfortunately, the place gave us a strange impression so we headed to another place called The Mailbox. There, we enjoyed a classic french dinner in the Montmartre and chatted with a sweet lady visiting from Munich. She helped us communicate with our lovely waiter, encouraged what dishes to order, and told us about her favorite places in Europe. On our way back to our apartment we saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle and give off a show. My heart broke a little because I wasn’t ready to leave the next evening but I’m still exploding with bliss – I’m living a dream!!!

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Until next time Paris,




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