About me


Hi my loves! My name is Alana Martinez. I grew up in Marin County, California – about 45 minutes north of San Francisco, and was raised by the kindest, most spontaneous, and open-hearted family of five. I developed an itch to travel and discover new places from my parents – the literal OG power couple – who would always haul my brothers and me on mini trips to the city, hikes, beaches, and places they had never been to almost every weekend.

Three years ago, I spread my little wings and flew to Arizona to start my journey at Arizona State University to study Business Communication. ASU has been filled with nothing but creating amazing relationships, meeting my long-lost best friends, sleepless nights, somehow a balance of stress and fun, and learning enriching information at the university. Last June I decided that I wanted to make the absolute best of my college career by adding something more. In fall 2016 I impulsively applied to study abroad for the Spring semester in Rome, Italy and proceeded to record a little of my life here!

I’m always onto the next thing – many of the steps I take are out of spontaneity. IIworethat.wordpress.com is a way of me saying “I wore that already”, “I’ve done that before”, “now onto something new” because to me, nothing is better than a new adventure, opening up to a new soul or buying those new pair of shoes. **Just a heads-up for the theme of my life and my blog.**

Now go ahead and indulge in my online memoir.